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OUR CAPITAL CAMPAIGN: As we gather every Sunday to celebrate the Mass, we should be very happy to see the many families that are part of this wonderful Church. Our predecessors laid a strong and stable foundation and truly helped build the community that we enjoy today. Just as our predecessors had the wisdom and vision to prepare for the future, we are now faced with the challenge of preparing for our future generations.

We are blessed with all that we have. At the same time, we have an obligation to continue building on the long-term health of St. Catherine. How do we do this? Six years ago, there was a campaign to build our Parish Life Center (PLC). Despite the economic recession, strong and committed volunteers led the fundraising efforts, and along with the many families who donated their time, treasure, and talent. We were able to build the beautiful building that so many of you use daily. Yet, because we still continue to hold debt to the Diocese from the building of the PLC, we can no longer wait. We must act now.

After much prayer and consultation, we are excited to announce the kickoff for our campaign entitled:    Today’s Gift – Tomorrow’s Hope. This $2 million campaign will raise critically needed funds to ensure a financially sound future for this church and ensure generations will have the resources they need to build upon our legacy of faith.

The objectives of Today’s Gift – Tomorrow’s Hope Capital Campaign are the following:

  1. Pay off the existing debt incurred by the building of our Parish Life Center
  2. Support the diocesan initiatives, e.g. Diocese of Sacramento’s One Campaign
  3. Improve parish programs once our financial obligations to the Diocese have been met

To date, over $607,000 has already been raised for this important effort. These pledges came from 45 families with an average five-year pledged commitment of over $13,000!  This is wonderful news and we are to be grateful for those 45 families! Let’s keep up the momentum!

As we move forward with the Today’s Gift – Tomorrow’s Hope campaign and reach out to more of our parish family, we hope and pray many more will join this campaign as we continue to fulfill the mission of the Gospel.  You should have received information in the mail and in the coming weeks will be contacted regarding the campaign by campaign volunteers.

Everyone will have the opportunity to participate and contribute to the current success of the capital campaign.  How do I prepare for Commitment Weekend?

  • Read the campaign materials and this bulletin insert
  • Pray with your family about your pledge to the campaign
  • Be prepared complete a pledge form next weekend

Click here to download the Campaign Phone-a-thon Volunteer Form (PDF)

Please download and complete the Campaign Phone-a-thon Volunteer Form and return the TOP PORTION to the Parish Office, or place in the Sunday collection basket. Keep bottom portion for your Records.

Remember to bring:   1. Cell-phone  2. Cell-phone Charger

Thank you!!

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