Arts & Environment

a&e02Mission Statement:
To enhance and support the liturgical celebration through decorating the altar and the church.

Vision Statement:
To develop an ongoing program to involve current and new parishioners in our community activities with their specific time, talent and treasure.
To work together in transforming the church into a welcoming and serene place of worship.

What the ministry is about:
These ministers have special place in making the liturgy a beautiful and inspiring place to worship. Through their talents and time, they transform a building into worship space using color, art, and flowers.

Suggested Attributes:
Love for the arts of all kind. An aptitude for craft-work including but not limited to sewing wood working skills, painting of all types. There must be a willingness to be open to new ideas and work on group projects.

If you would like more information or interested in participating in this ministry, contact Justin Reyes via email or give the rectory a call at (707) 553-1355.

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