Mission Statement:
To proclaim God’s word to the assembly, and, ultimately, make the risen Christ present through the reading of His Word and to enable our parishioners to “hear the word of God and keep it”.

Vision Statement:

  • To be a well-prepared Word Ministers and to enhance the celebration of the liturgy by our prayerful and effective proclamation of the Word of God.
  • To effectively proclaim, we must first embrace the Word of God ourselves, understand it deeply, and strive to live the message that we proclaim.

What the ministry is about:
The Word Minister or Lector becomes Christ’s voice for the assembly as he/she prepares and is assigned to a particular mass. We are assigned to read the Introduction, the First Reading, Responsorial Psalm (if there is no Cantor), Second Reading, Prayers of the Faithful (if there is no Deacon), and any special announcements as requested.

Suggested Attributes:
The ideal lector should possess the following:

  • Effective use of a microphone, careful enunciation, eye contact, appropriate rate of speech, proper posture and movement, ability to gain and keep the attention of the listeners, and ability to convey enthusiasm and motivate the listener.
  • Be able to prepare adequately by studying thoroughly the texts that will be proclaimed.
  • Sensitivity to audience diversity.

If you would like more information or interested in participating in this ministry, contact Angelo DeVigal or via email or by phone at 707-290-7206 or Margie Weiner via email or by phone 707-567-5556.

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