Couples for Christ

Mission Statement:
Couples for Christ is called to bring families back to the plan of God, and to bring the strength and light of Christ to those who are struggling to be true Christian families in the modern world.

Vision Statement:

  • Renew and strengthen Christian family life in the parish, by providing faith formation programs geared towards married couples and their children (for adults ­ Christian Life Program, for children ­ Youth Camp)
    Provide continuous mutual support and encouragement through “cell groups’ called “households”, to help families grow in holiness and discipleship
  • As a true “womb to tomb” ministry, provide other comprehensive renewal and faith formation programs geared towards all family members, including children (Kids for Christ), singles (Singles for Christ), young adults (Youth for Christ), and divorced and widowed individuals (Handmaids and Servants of the Lord).
  • As renewed couples and families, help build a strong parish, by supporting the pastor, providing support for parish ministries, and actively participating in parish activities and events

What the ministry is about:
We are a family ministry whose primary focus is on Christian family renewal and global evangelization. Our initial faith formation and renewal program is the Christian Life Program and it is open to all interested adult parishioners. The CLP helps lead individuals and couples into a renewed understanding of God’s call to us. At the completion of this program, you are invited to join a small household group where you are provided continual spiritual and emotional support and encouragement as you grow in your spiritual life. We provide ongoing formation through teachings, recollections, and retreats (e.g. ­ Family Enrichment Retreat, Marriage Enrichment Retreat, etc.) We also provide opportunities for fun and fellowship in our ministries. (e.g. ­ Family Christmas Party, Youth and Singles SportsFest, Kid’s Harvest Festival, etc.)

Suggested Attributes:
Have an open mind and heart in seeking to strengthen your marriage and your family and to learn God’s plan for your family.

If you would like more information or interested in participating in this ministry, please contact Dean Castro through email or call at 707-373-4703.

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