Lazarus Ministry

Mission Statement:
To provide support to those who have suffered a loss or those who are anticipating loss.

Vision Statement:

  • To assist the family at the time of death.
  • To provide counseling, help with arrangement, help in planning the liturgy.
  • To provide an ongoing support and follow-up contact with the family.

What the ministry is about:
This ministry performs the funeral vigil service at the funeral home or church. The members of this ministry are a contact between grieving families and the clergy when a loved one has passed away.

Suggested Attributes:
Requires a person with the ability to create an atmosphere of love, comfort and support to families during their time of need. Ministers give assistance whenever requested or needed.

If you would like more information or interested in participating in this ministry, please contact Deacon Rudy David via email or by phone at 707.333.1333, or give the rectory a call at (707) 553-1355.

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